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My mission is to connect with professionals, executives, learners, organizations, and entrepreneurs to help bring more clarity and productivity to their work. To give them the extra edge needed to: out-perform, out-serve, and outlast their competition. I live in that gap between problems and potential, from average and great. I work in the gap between obstacles and high-performance, average routines and phenomenal results.

Markus empowers and sets up his clients to go to the next level in their journey through the creation of tailored: Online Courses, Webinars, Corporate Trainings, and 1-on-1 Coaching.



During his time at Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), Markus was tactful and very thorough in his approach to understand the complexities that make up the public, private partnership. In 2015, we initially discussed his social entrepreneurship idea, which centered around professional advocacy, personal awareness, and strategic partnerships. His capability to think critically allows him to interact effectively with a diverse range of topics; thus, he is very efficient when communicating with different people and their perceptions during debates and negotiations. I am glad to see that he is now using some of the strategies we discussed to help others to be more deliberate and impactful.

Markus helps people to broaden their perspectives while also encouraging them to hone in on their interpersonal and professional strengths. His candid yet strategic approach will help guide people toward actionable steps that will position them to get the results they are looking to achieve.
Markus was brought in by my previous place of employment to do a workshop on personal empowerment. After the workshop, a few others and I arranged to hire him as our coach. Markus was instrumental in helping set up my personal accountability and blueprinting action plan.
- Charlie
Markus has a remarkable capability to think analytically, and to break down multi-faceted and complex concepts into narratives that were straightforward and easy to understand.
- Thomas
I like the way Markus thinks, his mental improvisation and agility gives him the resiliency needed to be successful in this world of innovation and manifestation!
- GuRubee
Markus has a way of telling you the truth in a manner that gets you to receive it. Not only is he truthful, he gives you viable feedback that you can take action on right away.
- Bianca
Markus’s ability to ask insightful questions and analyze data to develop fact-based recommendations made him an extremely valuable member of our team.
- Monica

I have had the pleasure of knowing Mr. Campbell for more than thirty years. Through these interactions, both personal and professional, I have come to be impressed with his intellect, persistence, and dependability. Among the young people I have met throughout my more than twenty-five years in public life, Mr. Campbell stands out as a scholar who offers an enlightened, knowledgeable perspective on public and community affairs; who is adept at learning and learning about different cultures; and who understands and appreciates differences among political and economic systems.

-wade norwood
CEO - Common Ground Health

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