Meet Markus Campbell

"Every great person in history, and even our favorite authors and athletes make room for their success. They start by committing to, and taking time in preparation and practice".

Markus Campbell is a thriving Entrepreneur, Sought-After Personal Coach, Business Consultant. A doctorate-level Researcher, Learning and Leadership Curator, and Instructional Design Wizard.​

Markus Campbell is an entrepreneur and business consultant who specializes in intrinsic motivation, performance coaching, strategic planning, project management, and leadership development.

Markus connects the teachings and principles of psychology, evidence-based coaching, and risk management to help his clients design, create, and implement sustainable results without sacrificing performance.

Markus Campbell is a “builder”. Not the bricks-and-mortar, boots-on-the-ground, put-A-tab-into-B-slot-type builder. Instead, the Rochester, New York native is a kind of People Perfection Builder, one who advocates, studies, designs, and implements, personal development initiatives centered on getting the most out of every person he comes in contact with.

With nearly two decades of experience in management, coaching, program creation, and implementation within community, government, corporate, and higher educational entities, Markus has been proactive and hands-on in building his vision to help people become intrinsically aligned with their strengths and purpose, particularly in how this relates to achieving success at the highest levels.

Whether supporting Mayor DeBlasio’s vision for more minority- and women-owned businesses, piloting a coaching and school leadership 360 feedback program in Manhattan, or consulting on a $1.2 million management development program for the Department of Corrections and their stakeholders, Markus continues to “build, grow, and scale” his vision.